SKU: 1560-9020-205

Color: Black

Anti-odor, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Thermal regulating, Moisture-wicking, Anti-static.

Thanks to the permanently bonded Silver, these socks are able to stay odorless all day. They allow you to wear our SUPRGOODS socks more and wash them lessAll that is better for you and the environment!

  • 96% Polyamide, 1% Pure Silver, 3% Elastane.
  • Designed in Belgium. Produced and Packed in Portugal.
  • Fits true to size.
  • You can find our size guide here.
  • Elastic, crew tight fit.
  • New Silver Technology: Pure silver covers the entire sock & provides unmatched odor protection and will keep the feet warm. 
  • Zoned Cushioning: Select areas are cushioned for next-level comfort and support.
  • Reinforced Durability: High strength yarns are used in abrasive areas for a long life-span.
  • 99,9% Pure Silver Destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevents them from spreading.
    • It will immediately lower the impact of the coronavirus by 99,99%.
  • Excellent Comfort & Superior Breathability
  • Reusable with or without gentle hand washing (see care)
  • Our garments are Anti-odor, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Thermal regulating, Moisture-wicking and Anti-static
Doesn’t need to be washed before each use!
When the mask is visually dirty:
    • Soft Wash by hand (max 30 to 40° C or 86 to 104° F);
    • Don’t iron;
    • Dry in open air;
    • Don’t wring

    There's no need to wash it every day just take it off and put it in a dry, ventilated area!

    For more details see here

    Our socks

    • Wear more and wash less with our Silver Yarns
    • Recommended wash at 30 to 40° C or 86 to 104° F
    • Always air dry when you can, if not tumble dry on low heat
    • Don't dry clean or bleach

    For more details see here

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